New Chapbook

written by the articulate genius Agatha French (Los Angeles Review of Books, LA Times, others). Featuring illustrations by incredible LA- based women illustrators including ME (I'm so lucky!).


American Bar Association award

Some work I did for my client, human rights nonprofit Witness to Guantanamo, has been nominated for an American Bar Association Silver Gavel Award for Media and the Arts.

Upcoming Concert

October 22, 2017 Crescent Hotel Beverly Hills

new set of songs, solo with electric guitar



 inspiration/reference images for my two current illustration projects (one book, one TV series) as of September 2017


How wonderful her work is!

Am so inspired by the spontaneity of the lines {and so many tiny lines!}, by the looseness and spareness of color so thoughtfully designed and applied. Love the conceptual, dreamlike compositions/ambiguous backgrounds. I see the influence of Alice and Martin Provensen and even Käthe Kollwitz and Susan Rothenberg. 

From "Ati Forberg was born in 1925, in Germany. She is the daughter of Walter Gropius, who is widely regarded as one of the pioneering masters of modern architecture."

Latest work

for a book out 2017

TV illustration

So proud of this work I have been lucky to get to do for a brand new, top secret show.

Listening and Reading

This album features my favorite era of songwriting, done by some of the best musicians working today. Danger Mouse is such a wonderful musician, producer, and visionary. The high romance of these old songs made such an impression on me as a kid listening to oldies radio stations, driving across the US with my parents... I felt like I could hear a secret world calling me home. I knew I wanted to sing songs like these. These new arrangements feel so right for the material...

As for this book, it gives me another thing I crave: it re-frames the big questions of our time in a form invented with purpose by its author, Alvaro Enrigue.