Black Is The Color

A crazy Irishman from County Cork named Aodh Og [pronounced A-yogue] was my stepfather when I was a child in Palo Alto, California.  He is a trained medieval and renaissance musician, and general merrymaker.  We had a maypole in our garden, which we used each year.  There was much rejoicing and live music played in the living room every day.  It was hearing his early music group, Gai Saber, that first set my goosebumps going on the back of my neck and inspired me to want to sing. Aodh Og's own band, Four Shillings Short [named for a scene in a short story from James Joyce's Dubliners] has for the past many years been comprised of himself and his partner, Christy Martin.  In the course of my sorrowful moments in life, Christy has taught me much from what she learned as a touring musician, cook, gardener, person, and as a sitar and Sanskrit student in India.  She studied with a student of Ravi Shankar.  I'd say my heart and mind have been buoyed back from the existential abyss by her sage words on more than one occasion.  These extraordinary people and their band- which by the way literally lives on the road, touring nonstop for the past ten years- are immeasurably special and dear to me.  Please enjoy their live performance of the traditional ballad Black Is The Color:
Four Shillings Short-"Black Is The Color"
They are constantly on the road across North America and Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England, so it is likely they will play in your town at some point in the next couple of years if you live in those parts of the world.