The Garden and the Tower: Early Visions of the New World

pen on watercolor paper, 22 by 30 inches
The title for this is also the title of a fictional book contained within a short story in Paul Auster's New York Trilogy.   When I first read the book I knew parts and images from it would work themselves into something- and here it is.  As these new drawings are collectively titled Court Sketches From the New Frontier, I found it fitting to analogize the two partly truth, partly fiction allusions to the discovery of strange natural and unnatural phenomena.  What 'New Frontier' means to me includes a large portion of the imagined and the dreamed. [After all, the cognitive landscape is largely uncharted as of this point in history...]

I am a resident of sparsely populated California gold country- and the idea of Frontier- with its potential for the discovery of Gold as well as the potential Donner Party scenario- intrigues me and gives me the model from which I pull my relationship to the wilderness of the psyche