The wonderful Mac Barnett

about Mac Barnett, taken from his website:

"[Mac Barnett is] a great young writer of books for young people. If you haven't read his work, run somewhere and do that. Books for young people have a rich and I daresay limitless future—knock anyone who says otherwise into a ditch—and Mac has a central place within that limitless future. Don't bet against him or anyone like him."
— Dave Eggers

 "[In Barnett's books] there is no magic solution to any problem: The characters stumble through their dilemmas just as every one of us does. The world is a difficult yet good place, and there is no need for the typical rose-colored lenses that other children's books put on situations in order to fend off the bad stuff."
— Yiyun Li

I loved this and was inspired, so am sharing this TED talk he gave this summer:

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