selected press for The Ideal Hunter:

"David Lynch meeting Philip Glass to write music for a spaghetti western..." -East Bay Express

"...repetitive guitar patterns and obscuring reverb marry Mazzy Star to the ice-capped solemnity of Sigur Rós" -SPIN Magazine

"...The darkly orchestrated music paints a picture straight out of Hollywood's Golden Age" -NPR All Songs Considered

"Possessing the soul of a Sergio Leone western and the sex appeal of Rita Hayworth, Kira Lynn Cain's The Ideal Hunter is the stuff of classic Hollywood..." -Venus Zine

"The Strange Light"'s lullaby waltz and "View of Nowhere"'s lush romanticism are two of The Ideal Hunter's sweetest reveries, but they're too strange to be syrupy; it's not every love song that features lyrics like "Nowhere"'s "You ride a broken machine/Into some trembling scene". Likewise, the album's darker moments, such as the somber "Chills" and "Under Somebody's Hand"'s star-crossed glamour, add depth to its dreaminess. The Ideal Hunter may be gentle, but it leaves a powerful, and haunting, impression." -AllMusic Guide